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20 tips for fresh display in supermarkets


The purpose of the supermarket fruit and vegetable rack display is to show the beauty and quantity, but also to express the selling atmosphere, stimulate the customer's desire to purchase, and thus improve the performance. So how are vegetables and fruits displayed in the same way? Is there any skill in the fresh display? Let me talk about the display techniques of the supermarket fresh display.

First, the display standard of fruit shelves

1, first of all to consider the convenience of the customer: not only to display beautiful, but also to make customers convenient to choose not only to pursue decorative, so that customers can not start.
2, guarantee first-in-first-out: This is very important, such as replenishing when replenishing goods, can not use new goods to cover the old goods, advanced goods are sold out first, but the premise is that the old goods still remain fresh and can be sold, otherwise it will be withdrawn Finished down.
3, facing the customer, smooth and safe replenishment when handling: the fruits and vegetables have faces and backs, facing the customers when placed, showing the best side is also stable, safe, not provocative It will be handled with care when the roll-up and replenishment is displayed. When the stock is placed, it is also necessary to prevent crushing and falls.
4, according to classification, shape, size separately
One. Vegetables are displayed separately according to leafy vegetables, flower and fruit rhizomes, mushroom fungi, condiments and processed vegetables. The fruits are displayed in the shape of melons, citrus, apple pears, peaches and plums, tropical fruits and gift boxes, respectively, and the related items of similar size are displayed adjacent to each other, d. Leafy vegetables should be sprayed with water and humidified at any time, and should not be displayed in the vents to prevent vegetables from losing water and shrinking.
5, a variety of color matching display
Using the natural color of fruits and vegetables, the display will be more beautiful and more exciting.
For example: red (snake fruit) green (green apple) yellow (yellow banana apple) pink (Fuji apple) adjacent to the display.
6, the order and area of fruits and vegetables display
One. Priority is given to the most prolific seasonal products, B. Best sellers, fast-moving goods, C. Promotional items and products with high sensitivity, d. High price, good quality goods.
7, the same product vertical display, bulk sales and boxed sales can be displayed at the same time.
8, the display of fruits and vegetables should be based on colored plant lights, the light is bright to show the freshness.
9, the price card and the pop-up card should correspond to the displayed goods, the price is correct and the font is beautiful and neat.
10, the display of freshness management: the requirements of finishing the surface at any time, the rotting, crushing injury and customer selection of the damage caused by the goods in time to pick out, into the operation room finishing.
11, the display props are clean, safe and tidy.
12, using the gold display line display: for the fruits and vegetables should be in the middle of the display surface, such as: can be placed on the upper and lower three-layer plastic square plate, in the middle layer can be the previous day to purchase or the first day of the goods on the middle layer , put new goods on the upper and lower floors. The customer's choice is mostly in the middle, so the old goods can be sold out. The premise is that the old goods are still in good condition.

Second, the style of the fruit stand display

13, round type (round row type): suitable for apple, citrus, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, cabbage and other platform-type large piles.
14, square row type: green onions, celery, chives and other roots arranged in a straight line, can be inclined or flat.
15, lattice type: radish, lotus root and other long-shaped and bagged goods, can be placed flat and cross.
16, scattered type: suitable for cabbage, Chinese cabbage and roots, such as potatoes, Gan, using a large number of platform shelves in bulk display.
17, input type: small individual goods, such as: red, green pepper, beans, etc., can be directly poured into the turnover basket (turnover box) display.
18, stacked type: stacked in bags or boxes.
19, oblique implant type: for leafy vegetables, oblique discharge.
20, matching type: use two or more products for color contrast or color matching to set off freshness.

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