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Desktop Plotter, Cutting Machine


This new Cutting Plotter Desktop Machine comes with easy-to-use Design and Artcut software,which allows you to cut professional customized designs and signs with your cutting machines,giving you the ability to use your fonts,import custom artwork,and draw your own shapes!It Works great for advertising industry,car beauty industry,fashion design,etc.Ideal for vinyl stickers,T-shirts Heat transfer,car stickers,die-cutting industries.Low cost Desktop Cutting Plotter is designed for office and home use.Plug and play - simple installation.Brand New,high quality and extra long life. Portable size,easy and friendly operation,the good choice for store,office,school,home using and starters.
Contour Cutting - is simple with the artcut software. Comes with illuminated LCD screen and large control panel buttons. Adjustable speed and force is available by the touch of a button. The digital readout makes for accurate and precise settings.

1. The selected plotter can draw the maximum width and maximum length of the drawing. In general, it should be one size bigger than the current most commonly used map in your organization. The A0 map is the best, but the one-time investment is large. After the graph smaller than the A0 format is printed by the CAD software, the graph can be plotted in the A0 format with high efficiency. The longer the drawing length, the better, generally 15.2M.

2. The plotter's drawing accuracy and speed. The accuracy of 300-600 dpi for general engineering drawings is sufficient. The buffer size of the plotter is a factor that influences the drawing speed. The general standard configuration is 32 MB, and the conditional expansion is possible to 128 MB.
3. How the auxiliary function of the plotter is, such as whether there is automatic paper cutting function, whether there is network function, the compatibility of the print software, and the size and appearance of the print.
4. How after-sales service and price.
5. Pen or ink-jet. Pen plotters are gradually being phased out.
6. Is the cartridge used easy to purchase and versatile, the size of the volume and the allowable drawing media.
Some units are considering purchasing engineering scanners after purchasing the above software and hardware. The engineering scanner is an indispensable equipment for a modern drawing management system. Using it reasonably and correctly will reduce the workload of the engineering designers and improve work efficiency. In the area of engineering scanners, the largest manufacturer is CONTEX in Denmark. Its CONTEX series of engineering scanners is the world leader in 80% market share. After the old engineering drawings are input by the engineering scanner, they can be managed by modern drawings and stored in pixel raster files, and can also be converted into CAD systems after being decontaminated and decontaminated by vectorization software such as RxSpot Lightpro97 or VPmaxNT. Performing new engineering designs can greatly shorten the design cycle and make effective use of old drawings.
For users who have not yet purchased a project copying machine and are planning to purchase an engineering scanner, it is recommended to purchase a copy scanner, which can directly output the scanned drawing (decontamination and decontamination) to the inkjet plotter. Without a computer. In this way, both the normal scanning and the “copying machine” can be performed, and the cost saved by the unit with few copying operations and the effect of fully utilizing the equipment are obvious. For example, if you buy a cheaper engineering copier (A0 width), the price is about 70,000 yuan, plus a CONTEX scanner, the price is about 8890 yuan, with a plotter (HP700), priced at about It is 38,000 yuan and the total investment is 197,000 yuan. Buying a Contex 8300 copyDSP copy scanner (A0 format, 800dpi) costs 110,000 yuan. With an HP700 plotter, the total investment is 148,000 yuan. Contrast between the two, the latter saves 49,000 yuan, and can get better "copy" quality. The main technical indicators for purchasing scanners are as follows:
1. Maximum scanner resolution. For general engineering drawings, 400-800 dpi is sufficient and 800 dpi is the most commonly used.
2. Maximum scan width and length. Generally choose the scanning width of 1016mm, unlimited length of the engineering scanner, the specific circumstances need to combine the characteristics of the unit.
3. Drawing scanning speed. With the same scanning resolution and graphics format, the faster the scanning speed, the better. In general, A0 format is not more than 15 seconds in monochrome 400dpi and RTL format.
4. The scanner interface. The current popular SCSI interface is generally used. If it is used in a network system, the corresponding network card should be purchased.
5. How is the DSP performance? The built-in dedicated high-speed digital signal processor can perform image processing and image enhancement in real time, enabling online correction of tilt, online elimination of spots, and online rotation.
6. Is there a two-dimensional adaptive threshold setting? The two-dimensional adaptive threshold setting ensures that poor quality drawings can be cleanly scanned on-line without pre-scanning.
In short, the purchase of a system with high quality and low cost requires multiple consultations and investigations by professionals, abandoning secondary factors, seizing opportunities, and taking into account various factors. If it involves networking problems, it is better to determine the plan of the network before buying the CAD system, and the supplier must know that the purchased product is applied on this kind of network. In this way, the purchased product will not have problems such as compatibility and poor operating system.

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